Core Competencies

Better Business Tools In addition to the technical expertise required to execute your mission critical project, Pinnacle aerospace employs the latest thinking in state of the art business management tools and automated business processes, reducing your overhead and costs. When you do business with Pinnacle, everything is automated. We don’t just build “ad-hoc spreadsheets” to manage the business, we have developed customized integrated tools and processes to eliminate duplication, improve communication at all levels and promote efficiency. When you work with Pinnacle, your overhead will be reduced.


Transparent Program Management With over 60 years of combined program management expertise on Staff, we know what can go wrong during large software programs. Our philosophy is simple: Let the program data speak for itself and manage the program transparently. This means that you always know what is happening on your program. Whether it's through face to face formal program reviews, logging onto MyProject™, or using our custom built Pinnacle mobile application MyMobile™, you will have ready access to your data anywhere in the world. Increased visibility means changes are managed more efficiently, misunderstandings are minimized and tasks get done on time.


Streamlined Engineering Processes We incorporate the latest tools and templates in our software engineering process. Our paperless integrated design process uses web based tools and checklists to facilitate on-line virtual design reviews, reducing the time normally wasted in formal meetings. Automated process checkpoints reduce error propagation and help ensure that we do the job correctly the first time. And we do it all in your time zone. We are conveniently located in the Mountain Time Zone so you can integrate us into your team meetings at a time convenient for you.


Better Utilization All outsourcing companies are challenged to maintain a high level of utilization of their fixed assets during the normal up and down cycles of the industry. A lower utilization generally means higher overhead costs which are inevitably passed on the customer. Pinnacle, working in conjunction with the Universities and other supply chain partners, has developed an improved utilization model which allows us to reduce our “bench” costs and lower our overhead. This means lower cost to you.