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Nearshore software development solutions for aerospace industry and safety-critical industries and applications

Pinnacle Aerospace offers top-quality, cost-effective nearshore software development solutions for the aerospace industry. We leverage our 60+ years of combined leadership experience in global outsourcing and labor management to deliver results that exceed your expectations on aerospace and embedded software projects. Our aerospace background has enabled us to successfully support other safety-critical industries, such as Automotive and Medical.

We are based in Phoenix, AZ, and have development centers in Hermosillo and Ciudad Obregon, Mexico, in the state of Sonora, which borders Arizona. Industries in the area include textiles, electronic and aerospace equipment manufacturing, call and technical support centers and software development. Six public and private universities and four technical schools in Ciudad Obregon and nearby Hermosillo graduate over 700 software engineers and technicians annually. English is taught on college campuses and is spoken in most hotels and restaurants.

Our facilities are equipped with dedicated fiber networks, enhanced power infrastructure, modern server rooms with disaster recovery capabilities and 24×7 guarded security.

We invest in all the latest development platforms, technologies, and hardware, which benefits our engineers and clients. Our lab facilities are equipped with all the tools needed to develop and debug embedded software, including oscilloscopes, power supplies and signal generators.

We strive to create a work environment that nurtures mentorship and collaboration. We offer an internship program that provides opportunities for some of the brightest young talent in the region. Similarly, our strategically defined and executed training programs allow us to be nimble and meet clients’ ongoing needs while helping our engineers develop the skills they need to succeed. We encourage clients to visit our facilities to meet our team and learn more about the culture that is the foundation of our success.


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