Embedded Software Application Development Services for the Aerospace Industry

Full life-cycle support for all DO-178, DO-254, or equivalent mission-critical aerospace software application development

Pinnacle Aerospace offers complete life cycle support for all DO-178, DO-254 or equivalent mission-critical software applications. From developing customized project plans using our planning templates to end item delivery and certification support, Pinnacle has expertise in all life cycle phases of product development and documentation, including: 

  • Expert Software Planning & Deployment: Develop aerospace systems and software and can develop project plans that fit your needs and budget. Learn more
  • Safety-Critical Design and Requirements Documents: Organize existing and write new requirements, and analyze and formally review flight system design requirements. Learn more
  • Real-Time Operating Systems: Develop RTOS for aerospace and safety-critical projects such as air traffic control systems, command control systems, pacemakers. Learn more
  • Embedded Software Application Development: Embedded software application development and simulating, debugging, analyzing and testing embedded systems. Learn more
  • Hardware and Software Integration: Hardware and software testing and documentation services such as third-party independent testing and on-site hardware and software integration. Learn more
  • Aerospace Hardware and Software Verification: Perform all required steps for hardware and software verification and validation of safety-critical applications. Learn more

We understand the complexities of developing software in the aerospace business and employ the latest tools and agile processes to maintain control, manage change, and minimize risks. Every aspect of our execution model is directed at delivering the right product, done correctly and on schedule.

Our value proposition is simple: Deliver high-value solutions on schedule using experienced nearshore resources. These are some of the ways we do it.

  • Our quality assurance process ensures the delivery of fault-free software where safety is critical.
  • On-site lab with the latest equipment (oscilloscopes, generators, supplies, etc.)
  • Strong talent pool from 10 universities with embedded software experience.
  • Nearshore talent in the same time zone as our US clients.
  • Engineers work on-site in Pinnacle offices, not remotely, to ensure the security of client data.
  • Engineers with strong English skills and the ability to travel to the US as needed.
  • Diversity of project experience from Aerospace to Automotive and Medical.


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