Sample Projects: Embedded Software Applications and Engineering Projects

Over 13 years of experience developing mission-critical embedded software applications and managing software engineering projects

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Sample Projects

Start-up eVTOL Company serving the Healthcare Industry

Industry: Aerospace
Project: RTOS Flight Control Application

Migrate flight control laws (running in a Windows environment) to run in an RTOS environment. This work included the implementation of the UAVCAN drivers to interface with the Acienna IMU, the ESC’s and the servos.

  • C
  • C++
  • RTOS
  • Microcontrollers
  • Sensors
  • Actuators
  • Python
  • Electronics Lab Equipment (Multimeter, Oscilloscope, Digital Analyzer)
  • Xplane
  • Ethernet
  • UART
  • SVN
  • RTCA DO-178C Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification. 
  • MISRA C++ 2008 Guidelines for the use of the C++ code 
  • Source Code
  • User Guides
  • Successful delivery of product running on an RTOS
  • Prototype migrated from Windows to RTOS which enabled client use in a sub-scale aircraft (versus in an emulator)

Major Aerospace company with a 60+ year history

Industry: Aerospace
Project: Level A Certification Support for a Flight Application

Perform Software Verification of a Flight Application in order for the client to achieve Level A software certification required by the FAA.  Client also required SOI audit support.

  • Python 
  • C++ 
  • Rational DOORS 
  • Subversion 
  • Tortoise 
  • Serena Business Manager 
  • RTCA DO-178C Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification. 
  • MISRA C++ 2008 Guidelines for the use of the C++ code 
  • Requirements review
  • Code review
  • Test Case creation
  • Test Case review
  • Test Procedure creation 
  • Test Procedure review
  • Test Procedure execution
  • DCCC analysis 
  • Client successfully achieved Level A software certification based on the deliverables provided.
  • DO178 Software verification process successfully executed

US Aerospace company with over 2,000 employees

Industry: Aerospace
Project: Level A Certification Support for hardware used in an aircraft display unit.

Perform hardware verification of Serial and Analog IO FPGAs used in an aircraft display unit. Create simulator and execute simulation-based verification procedures.  Define and execute DO254 hardware verification process.

  • VHDL
  • Mentor Graphics’ ModelSim PE 10.5c 
  • Rational DOORS 
  • Subversion 
  • Serena Business Manager 
  • RTCA DO-254 Design Assurance Guidance for Airborne Electronic Hardware  
  • FAA Order 8110.105 Simple and Complex Hardware Approval Guidance 
  • Requirements validation per the client’s Validation and Verification Standards 
  • Source code 
  • Tracing (in DOORs) between source code and FPGA requirements per the client’s PLD Hardware Design Standard 
  • Design environment 
  • Programmable hex file (.mcs) 
  • Design review artifacts (automated code reviews, manual code reviews, detailed design data reviews, implementation reviews as defined in the Hardware Design Standard Review Procedures) 
  • Elemental Analysis Summary Document 
  • Simulation test benches (VHDL code) per the Simulation Verification Standard 
  • Requirements and verification procedures for the simulation test benches per the Simulation Verification Standard 
  • Review artifacts 
  • Traceability matrix 
  • Execution results for each simulation-based verification procedure and analysis-based verification procedure 
  • Design description document for the simulation test benches 
  • Client successfully achieved Level A hardware certification based on the deliverables provided.
  • DO254 Hardware verification process successfully executed

Leader in transportation communication, digital video and data development tools for military and aerospace industries.

Industry: Communication
Project: Integration of A818 Atomic Kernel for a variety of FPGA boards and vendors (i.e., Xilinx, Intel, Microchip)

Integrate and upgrade IP cores for all FPGA platforms provided by client, while following and executing DO254 development standards for Aerospace applications. 

  • Vivado ISE Design Suite
  • Quartus Prime
  • Video Protocol Analyzer
  • Development Boards
    • Altera Arria V
    • Altera Arria X
    • Altera Stratix V
    • Altera Cyclone V
    • Altera Cyclone 10
    • Xilinx Spartan-6
    • Xilinx Artix-7
    • Xilinx Kintex-7
    • Xilinx Kintex-Ultrascale
    • Xilinx Kintex-Ultrascale Plus
    • Xilinx Vertex-6
    • Xilinx Zynq
    • Xilinx Zynq-Ultrascale Plus
    • Microsemi Polarfire
  • RTCA DO-254 Design Assurance Guidance for Airborne Electronic Hardware  
  • VHDL code modules for each target
  • Constraint files
  • User guide
  • Targets programmed and working with Atomic Kernel
  • Successful integration of IP core in all major FPGA platforms
  • Deliverables provided allowed client to expand into other markets because IP core supported all FPGA platforms

International provider of video communication systems used in military applications

Industry: Communication
Project: Complete DO254 Verification and Validation for Video Converter module used outside of aircraft cockpit. 

Full V&V for DO254, DAL C and EASA certification for a Video Converter Module using ARINC 818.  Development and execution of entire planning process and support of an SOI audit.

  • Modelsim
  • VHDL
  • Tortoise
  • Testbench for Video Convert Module and A818
  • Video stream generator with ARINC 818
  • TX A818 module
  • RX A818 module
  • Video Serial module
  • RTCA DO-254 Design Assurance Guidance for Airborne Electronic Hardware  
  • European Aviation Safety Agency Standards
  • PHAC
  • Hardware Verification Plan
  • Requirement document
  • Requirement review
  • Test Cases
  • Test Cases review
  • Test Cases results
  • Test cases results review
  • Trace matrix review.
  • Elemental analysis.
  • Coverage analysis.
  • Verification Results Review
  • SOI 1 artifacts
  • SOI 2 artifacts
  • SOI 3 artifacts
  • SOI 4 artifacts
  • Client successfully achieved certification from European Aviation Safety Agency to use their product in commercial aviation.

Startup company pioneering electric aircraft

Industry: Aerospace
Project: Embedded software development and test, refractor, and cellfit translation for an eVTOL application.

Software Development of a multicell battery monitor integrated circuit to allow developers to communicate with and exercise all features of a battery management circuit. Refactor of a battery algorithm (battery lifespan machine learning algorithms) to C source code. Implementation of a Power Train Controller over RTOS with a battery system for an electric airplane prototype. 

  • STM32F446RE micro controller
  • ADBMS6815 driver
  • Python language
  • C language
  • Machine learning
  • Linear equation implementation on C
  • GIT
  • Julia language
  • Tortoise
  • Cellfit algorithms
  • C source code battery algorithm
  • Test Cases
  • Test Procedures
  • Test Scripts
  • Test Results
  • User documentation
  • Documentation of inputs/outputs to enable integration with other software applications.
  • C source code for battery balancing ICs (ADBMS6815)
  • Software command interface for PC.
  • Power Train Controller software running on AeroRTOS.
  • Successful demonstration for NASA of Power Train Controller prototype
  • Neuronal Network migrated from Julia to Python enabling the refactoring to embedded C for future phases.
  • Prototype of a multicell battery monitor interface with hardware/software integration


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