Pinnacle Aerospace offers full life cycle support for all DO-178, DO-254 or equivalent mission critical software applications. From developing customized project plans using our planning templates to end item delivery and certification support, Pinnacle has expertise in all aspects of product development and documentation. Specifically we offer the following:


Project Planning Pinnacle can help you develop a project plan that fits your needs and budget. We are experts in Aerospace system and software project deployment and can quickly provide you all of the development plans required by your project including:

  • Top Level Project Plan
  • Plan for Software Aspects of Certification (PSAC)
  • Software Development Plan (SDP)
  • Software Verification Plan (SVP)
  • Software Configuration Management Plan (SCMP)
  • Software Quality Assurance Plan (SQAP)

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DO-178 DO-254

Systems Design and Requirements Development We have extensive domain knowledge in Navigation and Flight Management Systems, Flight Controls, Displays, Aircraft Maintenance Systems, and Data Link systems. We also have background in avionics integration and aircraft simulation. We have experience in most major system development and requirements management tools including DOORs and Matlab. Pinnacle can also help you organize your existing requirements into a database, write new requirements, and/or analyze system requirements for completeness and testability.


Software Design and Code Our engineers will execute your software project using the latest software development tools and streamlined development processes. We specialize in safety-critical and mission-critical embedded applications on all major development platforms. And our experienced teams are knowledgeable in all modern structured and object oriented program languages as well as many legacy languages such as ADA, Pascal and FORTRAN. We understand the documentation requirements of safety critical applications and will help you develop the required design documents including:

  • Software Requirements Document (SRD)
  • Software Design Description (SDD)

Integration and Test Our rigorous integration and test processes are built on a foundation of quality and experience. Our test methodologies utilize the latest tools to insure structural test coverage and deliver a certification ready product. We offer complete software test and documentation services including third party independent testing as well as customer on-site integration and test support. We understand the requirements for certification of your project and can assist you with compliance to the required national and international standards.


Tool Development and Qualification We can help you improve your development and project management productivity utilizing customized tools and processes to improve automation and execution. Pinnacle's internal business and execution processes were born from this technology and we would be happy to share this capability with you. If your application calls for a qualified tool, we can help you with the test and documentation required to achieve it.